The primary goal of  Meadowpurrs Cattery is to provide an environment for our cats and kittens where they receive lots of love and attention. Our goal is to breed healthy kittens with sweet dispositions that conform to the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) standards for the Silver & Golden Persian class.

We have enjoyed sharing our home with cats for many years and began showing with CFA in 1986. We maintain a small in-home Cattery and produce only a  limited number of kittens to ensure that each baby receives lots of individual attention.

All of our cats are treated as treasured pets (including our breeding cats) and they are not caged.

Testimonials: Our customer Mr Iskandar from Malaysia bus ticket company had joined our program and had give us 5 stars for our great service!

The “boys” spend most of their time in our large sun room with lots of windows, cat trees, furniture, toys, etc.  They may roam the rest of our home when supervised to avoid unplanned litters.

The “queens” share part of the sun room and also have access to rest of our home including the large kitty playroom.

The Nursery provides a nice quiet environment where queens can concentrate on caring for their newborns.  Of course, they do get lots of visits from their human family and they love to have us admire and handle their little bundles of joy.

The babies play with their littermates in the nursery for the first few weeks.   After they have had their first baby shot, they are permitted to come into the rest of the house and play with the “big” kids.  By the time they are ready to leave our home they are well socialized and are using their scratching posts and litter boxes appropriately.

Only PKD negative cats are used in our breeding program. ALL of the cats in our breeding program have been tested DNA tested for PKD and all are negative.  Prior to DNA testing, all of our foundation cats were scanned for PKD by a certified veterinarian radiologist  (Jonathan T. Shiroma, DVM, Diplomate, ACVR at MedVet in Worthington, Ohio).  We now do DNA testing for all of our breeding cats through UC Davis Veterinarian Genetics Laboratory located in California.

Our cats/kittens come with a written health guarantee which is included in our Sale Contract.  All kittens and cats are vaccinated and examined by our veterinarian prior to placement.

The pictures below are additional areas for our cats to play when the get tired of running throughout the rest of our home.  Playroom is 1,000 sq ft with lots of cat trees, toys, etc.  The sunroom is where our breeding males spend most of their time.

In addition, we have a separate nursery area for moms and babies.