**  Our Precious Pet Owners **

If you have a Meadowpurrs kitten or cat; please e-mail a picture to us.

Trish Lewellyn and her “Kitty Angels”

Thank your Trish for your friendship and for giving my babies a wonderful, loving home.  Every breeder should be so blessed.

As you can see, Trish does NOT spoil her cats!

  Individual dinner plates!   And a nice Snooze after dinner.

And then there were the “lucky seven”………..

Sherry Solara is a great friend and wonderful kitty mom!

Cats just “hanging around” as she tries to get a pic – so cute!

MIDDLE: Harry ……he’s the Alpha, and the licker.  He kisses me every morning…no other time of day, just the morning to wake me up……he is so sweet.  He loves his fuzzy ball, acts like he’s giving me a mouse.  He drops it in front of me and meows and meows and meows!!!  He’s the loudest talker.

RIGHT: Sally ……  she loves a cuddle and has a very soft sweet high pitched meow, and talks back to me too.

LEFT:  Jack is covered up by Harry and you can’t see his 9.75 lbs…LOL Biggest baby of them all….rolls on his back for tummy rubs, attention getter but on his own terms. Likes playing, “let’s be fast like lightning”.  Jack has never meowed…just high pitched brrrruuupppp sounds, and short half meows!

The whole gang……………

Harry and Jack

Middle row Harry and Sally, then all 3 of them

Bottom row is Jack, then Sally, then Sally w Harry

Tracy Dudlik  spending time  with Zachary

Brian Hyer entertaining Sadie while Zachary watches

(Looks like maybe it is Brian having the most fun !)

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